* Product Size (WxH): ± 6.8cm x ± 6.8cm

Cherry Blossom

  • ✓ Offuser is made of plaster powder blending with fragrance oil which has dehumidifying and interior effect.

    ✓ Keep in an enclosed space such as a shoe box, wardrobe, bathroom, or vehicle where you need a fragrance. (The narrower the space, the stronger the fragrance)

     It is good not only for the effect of fragrance but also for deodorant effect and removal of moisture.

    ✓ The scent lasts minimum 1-2months (It varies depend on the space, temperature and type of fragrance). When the scent gradually fades away, just drop or spray your own essential/fragrance oil or perfume then you can use it semi-permanently without damage. (You can also purchase 2ml refill spray in our accessory category.)

    ✓ Please fully dry them until it absorbs after you drop or spray oil or perfume.

    ✓ It may be discolored due to the exposure to the direct sunlight or a temperature change

    ✓ Bubbles may occur in the characteristics of handmade production, or stains may be caused by a combination of oily and aqueous materials.

    ✓ The color and the shape may be slightly different due to the characteristics of handmade production, even if it is the same design ornament. This is a natural phenomenon that can be caused by manual work, not a product problem. This can’t be the reason for the exchange or refund, so please take this into account and make a careful purchase.

    ✓ Due to the characteristics of Plaster Poweder, there can be remaining powder

    ✓ This is an order to make item, so you can’t exchange or refund

    ✓ Please use and keep in a place out of the reach of pets, infants and young children.

    ✓ Long term skin contact should be avoided.

    ✓ If you are using offuser for the car, please place it 0.5cm apart from it air/heating vent

    ✓ Scent can last shorter due to usage of heater/air conditioner or smoke

    ✓ Due to the characteristics of Offuser, it can be damaged from shock or impact